Friday, October 14, 2011

I am just devastated

Today I went out on an erand came back by my house to pick up one of my daughters after practice. I left again for about an hour. We I arrived back home, I found my sliding glass door shattered! My DH walks in to make sure the prowlers were no longer inside. Lucky they had already fled the scene. But maid out with much of my belongings. I am just happy that none of us were here at the time.
I feel so awful. My poor Son was the biggest victim, his PS3 and PSP along with his games, were all gone. To top it off they made off with a flat screen. How do you do that to a child? My bedroom was ripped apart. My engagement rings were taken. Now a few days before my 12th Wedding Anniversary.
So Please excuse my if I have nothing to post for a while. I have to move right away. This is actually the second time in four months that this has happened. The last time it was just my Coach Bag out of my car in the garage!
Thank you all.


  1. Oh, wow, that's awful! I really hope you guys find a new place soon and get settled back in somewhere that this will hopefully not happen again...
    Best wishes and take care...

  2. WOW thats hard, very very hard.
    I wanna wishe you all the best and take care.
    I am thinking of you all.
    BIG big Hugs Astrid.

  3. My heart goes out to you for having your privacy invaded & having someone take things you & your family have worked hard for. I so hope you find a safe place where this won't happen again.

  4. So sorry this happened to you; it makes me so mad that people have the nerve to do this! My husband had our car window smashed out a couple of months ago and they stole our laptop. It made me mad because they got away and we were left with no computer & had to pay out of our pocket to replace our window because the fee to fix it was under what our insurance would pay for...I just hate when you have to feel like your privacy and safety are violated. I hope whoever did this to you is caught!


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