Wednesday, November 21, 2012

WOYWW #181

There isn't much on my desk today as I finished a couple of projects yesterday and I already put everything away. I am waiting for a couple of new images in to have something to make but, that won't be here til Friday.
So are we all set for tomorrow? I went out and bought the vegetables for the stuffing and some baked goods. I am not looking forward to getting up at 3 a.m to put the Turkey in the oven. I have to have everything done early so that we can go out and visit my SIL. I am hoping to get done pretty quickly there because here in California the Black Friday Sales start on Thursday night at 8. How cool is that? I don't have much to spend but, I like to see what everyone is all goo goo about.
 We didn't have a Christmas for my kids last year, it was so sad. Thieves busted out my patio door at my old place and took everything. I had to move because, I no longer felt safe there. All that mattered was that we had a roof over our heads and heating, lol. This year will be different, I hope. Well, I have to get through Thanksgiving before I can worry about all that.
I do wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!
Thanks for listening to my blabber,lol.
Hugs, Dangina


  1. Happy Thanksgiving! I am so sad about your kids Christmas last year. I lived in Fresno for two months before I hightailed it back to Bakersfield, lol. It is not any different, but I felt safer here because I have that false sense of security, lol. Have a wonderful holiday, I'm looking forward to working with you :)

  2. How horrid about your Christmas! But you have the right perspective about what's really IMPORTANT. Lovely clean desk. Alas! Mine never looks like that! patsy

  3. Good morning, I'm a day late but am trying to pop on by and say hi to everyone this week! Hope you have a good Thanksgiving and wishing you well for this coming Christmas. I know what it's like as we were burgled one Christmas eve.

  4. Happy celebrations. Focus on your new beginings and have a wonderful time.
    A x #48

  5. Neat tidy desk ! Hope you & your family have a good day together ! Ali #21

  6. Your desk is so neat and tidy, beautiful work space! Hope your Thanksgiving was great and that you have a much better Christmas than last year!

  7. Beautiful working area! Looks like you have some great organizational tools to work with...hope you had a super fab Thanksgiving. :) Deeyll #76


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